Natural Beauty Permanent Cosmetics Make Up Studio by Kelly
Natural Beauty Permanent Cosmetics Make Up Studio by Kelly

Micro-needling, Collagen Induction Therapy

As a response to micro-needling, platelets and fibroblasts are released. These platelets produce a series of growth factors that promote the body’s own production of natural collagen and elastin.

This technique preserves the integrity of the skin as it stimulates collagen deposition in the dermis and thickens it, creating a smooth complexion. It also improves dilated blood vessels and can greatly improve acne scarring, surgical scars, injury and other forms of scars.

The needles penetrate through the epidermis but does not remove it like other treatments, such as Laser treatments, Derma Abrasion and Chemical Peels allowing it to heal rapidly at a fraction of the cost.

Ultimately, collagen is laid down and “fills” the wrinkle within 6-9 months. The process may mimic the results obtained with a laser, but without destroying the outer skin. The skin reddens and swells immediately after the treatment. By day 2-3, the skin returns to a moderate pink flush and the mild swelling decreases.

Collagen and elastin will continuously build and the skin will gradually tighten up. The process should be done 4-6 times, every 2-4 weeks during a 6 month treatment period. The treatment should not be repeated until the epidermis has completely healed. A complete cycle of internal healing usually occurs within 2 weeks to a month.

Factors that may complicate or prolong your healing include: diabetes, those with STD’s, or cold sores breakouts. Those with a prior history of herpes/cold sores and fever blisters are advised to pretreat with and antiviral medication prescribed buy your physician.

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