Natural Beauty Permanent Cosmetics Make Up Studio by Kelly
Natural Beauty Permanent Cosmetics Make Up Studio by Kelly

Prescott Permanent Cosmetics Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Cosmetic Makeup?

Micropigmentation, permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, makeup tattooing, or derma pigmentation is the process of applying pigment (color) into the skin. Iron oxides (mineral) or organic (plant) pigments have been medically developed for safe application into the facial skin. All procedures are performed in strict accordance with the Center for Disease Control.

Who Benefits?

  • Active Lifestyles
  • Little or no brow hair
  • Little or no lash hair
  • Visual impairment
  • Contact lenses
  • Allergies
  • Unsteady hands
  • Those who just want to look great all of the time without the hassle.

How are permanent cosmetic procedures done?

Eyebrow permanent makeup can be done manually by Microblading. Eyeliner and lip shading is done with a medical grade digital machine. Our Permanent cosmetic procedures are performed using a digital, medical grade machine. Your appointment includes a medical overview and an in-depth discussion regarding your expectations including design and color. The application of the pigment is next. You are a part of the whole process during the procedure. Everything is explained to you with total appreciation that you have chosen me and trust me with your permanent cosmetics.

Are permanent cosmetics really permanent?

Technically, permanent cosmetic procedures are considered permanent because the color implanted into the skin cannot be washed off. However, as with y tattoo, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance, color re-enhancement or refreshing. Just like hair color, furniture located near a window, or even house paint, the implanted color will fade over time depending on your health, skin type and how well you care for your skin.

Is permanent cosmetics painful?

Your comfort is very important to me! I take pride in making my clients as comfortable as possible. Most people experience some discomfort likened to a plucking or scouring sensation. This will vary according to each individual’s threshold. FORTUNATELY! I invest in extremely effect topical anesthetics that have been medically developed for permanent makeup application and make these procedures quite comfortable.

Is permanent cosmetics safe?

  • A new needle is used for each client.
  • Equipment and supplies are kept in a sanitary manner.
  • Gloves are worn during each procedure and changed often.

What’s a permanent cosmetic touch-up and when do I need a permanent cosmetic touch-up?

If you feel there is a need, after the initial procedure, you may want to return for a touch-up. A touch-up is a color refresher. Permanent cosmetic makeup can be a process. It is recommended that you wait at least 6 weeks before your touch-up so your initial procedure has time to heal properly. To traumatize the skin sooner can be uncomfortable and doesn’t allow enough time for the pigment to settle in the skin.

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